CB3 Testimonials For God's Glory

“My past experiences made me feel the need to be perfect, but my God experiences showed me that my imperfections are what make me great.” – Mikella Hansley

Psalm 138:8

CB3 Book Introduction From Mikella Speaks

I'm very thankful to have published my book on this Thanksgiving! Wow, I wrote my book at age 20, and now I am officially an author at age 22! To God be the glory! I have self-published the first book (paperback and Ebook) of my series. When I tell you that God has been faithful, believe me!

The number eight is the number of new beginnings and He has truly given me a new beginning in the last 8 years of my life (from 2012 to 2020). I was once the author of my own bad chapters. Now, I am the author of my first book that will help you to navigate through this thing we call life. I’ve had many defeats and many triumphs, and I am not perfect by any means.

This 20 chapter guide/book is a journey. You never fully arrive but you just strive to do the best you can to get to that place called “there”. In this 20-day guide, you will see my failures, successes, my brokenness, my wholeness, my vulnerabilities and my strengths.

Your imperfections and perseverance are your best characteristics because they shape you for your anointing. I believe that between your imperfections and your persevering in your pursuit of purpose will always land you where you need to be. This book/journey is a testament to the fact your anointing/purpose will outweigh your imperfections.

November 26 is a very important date for me. On November 26 of 2017, I was asking God for my purpose. On November 26 of 2018, I went through the biggest trial of my life. On November 26, 2019, God gave me a vision of my amazing future. Now on November 26, 2020, I am finally walking greatly into my purpose by releasing my first book!

To God be the glory for the wonderful things that he has done! This 20-day guide is guaranteed to help you to walk in the principles of faith, wisdom, and purpose. You will gain insight about why you are going through certain trials. This book will motivate and encourage you! You will be inspired to prosper and become your best self in Christ!

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April 23, 2020

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